Seems like a no brainer, of course there is, when you have people working on tenants houses predominantly in the social housing sector the need for them to be highly trained is paramount. Whilst not to detract from the need for time served operatives who are highly skilled at their chosen trade it is no longer acceptable for many social housing clients for your operatives to just be ‘time served.’ This can feel unjust to the highly skilled tradesman who may have been through years of college and on the job training but most (whilst not admitting it at the time!) will accept the fact that they have to move with the times and continuing professional development will only help their career in the long run.

Investing in training of the workforce and setting aside a budget for this can often seem like a pain and detracting from the bottom line but the benefits can far out way the initial cost. There are plenty of studies readily available on the internet which go to prove this. Some of the benefits we have seen here at JDP are:

• Safety (obvious benefits as safety is always the number one priority and can combine all of the outcomes below)
• Labour savings (reduced effort, Job Done Properly first time every time, less time to carry out tasks)
• Productivity increases (Higher skill levels, improved work processes, better motivation, better staff engagement)
• General cost savings (less plant downtime, lower staff turnover, reduction in bad debts, less warranty claims)
• More income (more tenders won, schemes more profitable, more referral’s)
• Client perception (can set you apart from the competition)
• Ease for the client (if you have everything in place to send to the client from the start it makes it easier for them to engage with you )

By keeping comprehensive records of all training in the form of a company training matrix it is easy to have an accurate record of each of our directly employed operatives training history and needs, it is also then simple to let clients at a glance see that we put the up-most importance on training.

As befits one of the largest roofline and cladding installing company’s in the UK (in the last year we installed over 5000 rooflines) all our employees from the MD down are included in our training matrix which is reviewed monthly. Training is made available for all staff including back office and supervisors all of which are directly employed, to give all our existing and potential clients security in the knowledge that they are engaging with a company that are at the forefront of our industry in terms of safety compliance and professionalism of our staff.

As a wise man (Richard Branson) once said: ‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.’ And: ‘If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.’

So if you are a main contractor, social housing provider or work in the roofing or external wall insulation market speak to us about any Roofline or Cladding works to any projects refurb or new build or to view our comprehensive training records please contact me directly

Damien Cope: Mob: 07887403632

You can be assured that right from quotation stage through to placing of order and commencement on site that you will be dealing with the highest trained workforce giving you piece of mind from start to end.

Damien Cope

(Business Development Manager)

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