JDP has proudly sponsored Chris Coatsworth in his efforts to raise funds for the charity, Cancer Research UK. Chris, a valued JDP technician has been taking part in the Durham 27/7 group training for UWCB, a training and events organisation for White Collar Boxing shows.

Ultra White Collar Boxing is a unique opportunity for people to experience the world of boxing in a safe and enjoyable environment. The organisation runs an 8 week training course and at the end fighters are paired up to fight in the ring at an event to raise awareness of the Charity and it’s cause.

Chris took part in the training with UWCB which led to an incredible event held at The Rainton Meadows Arena in Sunderland on 27th July 2015. 3000 people were in attendance at the event, which Chris worked hard to promote, selling tickets and gaining sponsorship for.

UWCB holds the worlds biggest White Collar Boxing shows and has raised £1.825 million for Cancer Research since February 2014. The Durham 27/7 Group in which Chris has been a part of has broken all records of fundraising in the UWCB and raised £34,000 in one group alone. Chris himself has raised a sum of £568 to date for Cancer Research UK.

Chris commented “What a unique experience, the cause has made a massive impact on my drive to succeed and do my best, the night was fantastic and gave me a great buzz. I would recommend this experience to anyone.” After seeing Chris’ success, his partner has also been inspired to take up the boxing training, and we hope that UWCB continues to be a great driver for people to get involved in raising awareness and funds for this charity.

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